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With more than 60 years of experience in the sugar industry, and having sold more than 250 plants in 30 different countries on 4 continents, COMESSA is an uncontested international specialist in the field of Drying and Cooling sugar.
The solid experience COMESSA has built up over the years enables the company to offer sugar mills and sugar refineries reliable, efficient equipment using proven technology.
Constant developments in technology means that COMESSA equipment is able to meet the most stringent requirements, whether in terms of reliability, sturdiness, thermal efficiency, reduction of energy consumptions or hygienic design.

As well as supplying new plants, COMESSA is in a position to offer audits of existing plants and revamping with a view to upgrading or increasing capacity.

The capacity of the plants COMESSA offers may be as much as 200 t/h, the largest line currently processes 135 t/h.

In addition to the main equipment (dryers, coolers), COMESSA is able to offer complete plants including air preparation assemblies (ventilation, filtration, heating systems), dedusting assemblies (bag filters, scrubbers) and ancillaries equipment (chiller units, conveyors, vibrating screens).

COMESSA's expertise in sugar processing includes :

  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Fines removal (removing the part of fines < 150 µm)


White sugar (beet), Refined sugar (sugar cane), Raw sugar, Sugar cubes, Candy sugar, Dextrose/Glucose, Polyols (maltitol, sorbitol,...).

Our references :

Engineering Contractors: ABSE, De Smet, Omega, Sutra, SNC-Lavalin, ESIIC, TSK,... 

End users: Cargill, Tate & Lyle, Syral, Südzucker, Saint Louis Sucre, Tereos, Cristal Union, ISI Eridania, Cosumar, Tunisie Sucre, Arabian Sugar Company, Grande Raffinerie Oranaise de Sucre, Cevital, Gardel, Hodeidah Sugar Refinery, National Sugar Company, Central Sugar Refinery, Mitr Phol, Wangkanai, PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya, Omnicane, Alteo,...

RANGES of equipment

Fluid beds

  • Static fluid bed
  • Fluid bed with heat exchangers
  • Fluid bed with heat exchangers, vertical type
  • Vibrating fluid bed

Rotary tubes

  • Cascade rotary tube
  • Louvre rotary tube
  • Combined rotary tube (dryer/cooler)

Band dryers

  • Band dryer


Drying, Cooling, Fines removal


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