Test laboratory

COMESSA has its own test laboratory covering more than 1 200 m², thereby offering you the possibility of carrying out not only feasibility tests but also semi-industrial tests for all the equipment it markets.

Thanks to a large stock of pilot units and the flexibility of our engineers, COMESSA will be able to prepare plants specifically adapted to your requirements.

Our specialists will set out an experimental plan which will provide you with enough information to convince you of the validity of the solutions proposed and make it possible to calculate efficiently the size of equipment needed.

Once the tests have been carried out, we will send you a full test report, together with lists of the measurements obtained and our recommendations regarding technological choices. 

Main pilot plants available:

  • Fluid beds (static, with heat exchangers, high temperature, vibrating) 
  • Rotary tubes (direct, indirect with heat exchanger, indirect heated through the shell)
  • Band dryer
  • Flash dryer

COMESSA is also able to rent out some of its pilot plants.

Pilot plant - Indirect rotary tube

Fluidization test

Granulation test in a rotary tube